Welcome to the official ACD Media blog…

Greetings ACD Readers!

I’m excited to launch our long-awaited weblog, especially in this incredibly crucial time in our history.  It is more important now than ever that we as independent media artists do the work of documenting the people’s history, amidst the lies and corruption spread by contaminated corporate media.  ACD is a collective of independent media artists who are engaged in the process of collecting and broadcasting the people’s history (OUR history) and maintaining the true perspective of the working class.  We also produce rebroadcasting projects where we revisit old media from our ancestral leaders in order to preserve and reinforce what they passed along to us.

Right now, we are a few days away from our first international trip as a collective to Haiti.  We will be collecting images and people’s stories on the current precarious situation in Haiti.  I’m unable to produce the exact details of the trip just yet, but please stay tuned for more as things progress and materialize.  In the meantime, we have a Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alliance-of-Conscious-Documentarians/222498844790

and a YouTube channel:


Happy Holidaze & Stay Safe.

Vanissa, ACD