Stories from Occupied Wall Street, September 24th 2011

Stories directly from occupied Wall Street on Saturday evening, September 24th, 2011. The word is that there was a march from Liberty & Broadway to Union Square and 96 people or so were arrested after a sudden ambush by police. The story is told here by Kyle Rucker. We also spoke to a New School student named Sid who has been involved in this action from the beginning of the planning stages, an elder named Mary, Iman Trek from Ground Zero Magazine ( and Comrad L, who represented for the voice of the youth. “More About The March to Union Square” are the voices of two more people who were in the crowd of marchers who were attacked and arrested by NYPD.

Please listen and pass it on. Think about it, write about it, talk about it. If you are in the TriState area, head to Wall Street and get involved! …sounds & images from the performances (organized by Libor Von Schonau of Art and Struggle) and the environment at the park on Liberty & Broadway coming soon.

Kyle Rucker (arrested today) tells his story:

Sid, a New School student who has been involved since the organizing stages of OccupyWallStreet two months ago:

Ground Zero Magazine’s Iman Trek:

Comrade L expresses part of the sentiment of the youth regarding OccupyWallStreet:

Mary speaks from Wall Street as an elder:

More About The March to Union Square: