UPDATE about LEKOL,the Earthship Build, Schneither & Peterson + Audio from the 12.17.11 Ayiti Solidarity: LEKOL event at the Yippie Museum Cafe.

Greetings to our beautiful community and all interested parties who are reading this.  Last Thursday we had a meeting of the minds over bowls of Joumou soup, Nissa’s famous lasagna, and Mala & Mental’s squash casserole (all delicious and healthy).  Thank you to everyone who came through and participated. In the near future we will be hosting another potluck style gathering where we hope to have visual artists collaborate to complete some of the pieces that were influenced by all of the studying and dialogue that we have been doing around transforming the history to Ourstory, along with more of the brilliant minds in our circle to join the conversation, praxis recent action and to create collectively.

The audio recorded during the night of the 12.17.11 Ayiti Solidarity Lekol event at the Yippie Museum Cafe is still being edited, chopped and mixed to share with our faithful blog readers as well. Here is the first post from that night, the talk from Ray Laforest. Using eloquent words pushed by explosive spirit, Mr. Laforest illustrates a poignant picture of the current socio-political situation in Haiti to give us a better perspective on this road to the development of a level of dignity and respect that is essential to fulfilling our potential in assisting Haitians in Haiti to achieve self-determination. Please take a listen and tell a friend. There will be more available as the weeks go on from that evening right here.

Ray Laforest speaking at Ayiti Solidarity’s LEKOL, the first event of an ongoing series, December 17th, 2011, at the Yippie Museum Cafe.

Yesterday, I was able to put $172 in the hands of a friend who is headed to Haiti (she has touched down by now no doubt) to deliver directly to Peterson Nogais (if you don’t know who this is, please read the previous blog entries to find out) so that he can pay for another semester of school and pass the remainder to his older brother who is aspiring to do the same. When we get to Haiti, we will be able to talk to them, record their words and deliver them to you, again, directly. Our event in December carried a heavy overhead, but between that and our dinner meeting on Thursday we supplied that amount of money and have served our young brothers from Delmas 75 in a small, but real way: each journey begins with one small step and this was Lekol’s first one, a step that without your attention, participation and contribution would not have been possible. So, again thanks family.

We were on Skype with Marita, the producer of  “The Haiti Projects,” (again please refer to earlier posts if you are not familiar with this and/or write to ask) yesterday.  She informed us that the Earthship build that was supposed to start in April will be postponed until November. That means we have more time to spread education about this revolutionary new building method and what it means for all of humanity, plus there is a little more time to recruit people who may be interested in joining the building & documentation crews. It looks like the site will be Leogane, the epicenter of the quake where a group of incredible community workers and organizers (Ayiti Ressurrect) have been doing amazing work. We look forward to linking with them around these efforts and if you have not checked their site, please do.  Marita is putting the finishing touches on a presentation that she will be showing to potential funders and we will soon be hosting an evening where we will speak to her again (she was on skype on 12.17) and get an opportunity to see some of that as well.

There is a photo exhibit by Vanissa coming up as well on Friday, February 10th hosted by Long Island University‘s Teacher Resource Center at the Department of Education.  The opening reception will be held on the 2nd Floor of the Pratt Building from 4:30PM-6:30PM, where Vanissa will give a talk about the work in Haiti, the photos that she took on the last two trips, the future Earthship build, and the impact teaching Haitian history had on her 3rd grade class last Spring.  We will be using this event as an opportunity to host more events related to education at LIU, encouraging teachers to use alternative sources to teach American history rather than sources from the dominant perspective that is full of white supremacy and historical inaccuracies.  Please see the flier below for all the details, and mark your calendar!

That is our update for now. Please leave a comment and/or question here and “stay tuned” for more soon. Thanks & Blessings.