Forced Trajectory: Shantel Davis, Another Stolen Life on the night of Ramarley Graham’s Pre-Father’s Day Vigil

After a charged Pre-Father’s Day vigil outside the Ramarley Graham family home, we were notified that a woman had been shot and killed while in her car by the police in Brooklyn on Church Avenue and E. 38th Street. 23-year old Trinidadian Shantel Davis lay in the street pictured here in the above photograph.

The incident happened in Flatbush, Brooklyn, on Church Avenue and E. 38th Street.

Candles sit on the corner where Shantel Davis, the driver, had swerved into a telephone pole. The police who had been chasing her by car, approached the vehicle, and shot Shantel while she was still in the car, when she could not comply to the demands to get out of the car because the airbag was obstructing her. From mainstream media sources, the police claim that they believed Shantel was armed and that the car was stolen. This has yet to be confirmed, but most sources have already assassinated Shantel’s character by stating she has a criminal record and that the car was stolen. These sources also state that an officer had shot Shantel accidentally while trying to pull her out of the car from the passenger’s seat. Yet, local witnesses state that she was shot when the officer was outside the vehicle with gun drawn, demanding that she exit the vehicle.

More on this later, when we are able to speak to more witnesses.