Atlantis 2012: Fundraising For Our Continuing Struggle For Sustainability in Ayiti…

Earlier this week we were grateful to learn that our request to join the Earthship crew for their Albuquerque build has been accepted.  We will be documenting via photography, video and sound recording a full build for the entire month of September.  As many of our readers know already, Earthships are these incredible structures, designed by architect extraordinaire, Michael Reynolds.  He has been building them for decades, and had a difficult time for a while building them here in the United States because of narrow minded legislation and apathetic politicians.  However, when the international community started to request his help in response to natural disasters, Earthships began popping up all over the world, and the US government could no longer keep Reynolds from building them.  You can see the documentary, “Garbage Warrior,” to get an accurate picture of his path.

Our interest for being a part of this has not only to do with how enamored we are by these amazing structures (that are made from recyclable materials, feed their own indoor and outdoor gardens, utilize rain and snow water caught from the roof for all internal plumbing, and uses solar and wind energy) but also because this is technology we would like to help replicate in Haiti.

This trip will mark the first of many, as in order to build these structures, we will have to receive the education and experience to be certified.

This Saturday (August 4th, 2012) we will be hosting an all night dance party to fund raise for our month long trip in September.  We will need to raise around $3000 to cover the costs of travel, room & board.  We’ll also need monies left over so that when we come back in October we won’t be completely starving in the expensive city of NYC.  The fundraiser will be the first of three — the following Saturday, August 11th, I will be hosting a film showing at Two Moon Art & Cafe, and the third fundraiser will most likely be another party, close to the end of the month.

If you cannot make the fundraising events but would like to donate, you can donate via PayPal (click button below) or write a check (email me at to request my mailing address).

We are so excited to document this extraordinary build, and even more excited to share it with you all bit by bit. We can’t wait to share the knowledge we will come back with.

Thank you so much for your continued support — it is an amazing experience to witness an intentional community coming together! Paz, Vanissa/ACD Media