ASIAN IN AMERICA: Jana-Lynne Umipig & Update

Greetings from New Mexico!

Due to our rapid transition from NYC to NM, we haven’t been good at posting the AIA portraits as they have come along, so the next half hour will be spent posting the ones that have been completed.

The project is still going on and going strong — We’ve just taken a break from photographing since we’re not in our base in NYC. However if we were to come upon folks here who were interested in being photographed, you can be assured that that will happen :).

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This first post is of the brilliant & beautiful Jana-Lynne Umipig, who is an amazing artist (of many kinds!) and teacher. You can check her writings & art at: and

Her work as an artist and activist is refreshing and inspiring!


Jana-Lynne Umipig
I have continually battled with the hypersexualization and exotification that is unfortunately a major part of the Pinay struggle and experience. Google search: Pinay, Filipina, or Filipino womyn and you will see exactly what I mean, womyn being objectified and seen as a commodity to patriarc
hal structures. And I hear it as I walk down my block, the racial slurs coupled with the crude and violent come-ons. It fills me with fire. I am not someone’s fantasy of an obedient, fragile, sexually submissive, Asian flower, made to order bride, nicely packaged and shipped over to fulfill the pleasures of men. I have battled with this image of myself that has been configured by capitalism, patriarchy, and man; equipped by my family, my community, my people with the weaponry of truths to who I am, by my bloodline of Babaylan, Warriors, Healers, Visionaries and Teachers who have paved the way of my Journey and raised me into empowerment. They have reminded me that Pinay have been and continue to be rooted in the center of their communities, Mothers of our country, revered and paid homage to. I know how powerful I am, I know that I am Goddess by birthright and my light emerges from the eight rays of sun that I carry at my core.