Who We Are

Who We Are

The Alliance of Conscious Documentarians aka ACD Media was conceptualized in 2009. The original idea was to organize movement photographers with the intent of strategizing visability efforts to bring attention to struggles that are often marginalized in mainstream media. In the summer of 2010, the collective continued to evolve and now includes both more traditional and new media forms of expression and documentation, i.e., video, sound, new media. ACD is now a growing grassroots collective, made up of artists who place social issues and movement struggles in the forefront with the understanding that our dignity as human beings must be indoctrinated into our practice to avoid any residue of exploitation, which is encouraged by the dominant establishment. Our media is the People’s Media. Rather than create a space between those we document and our audience, we specialize in Primary Source coverage, meaning that we go to the source of the story and bring their stories to the forefront without any content manipulation. We believe it is extremely important that this be our practice to protect the People’s Narrative & History from distortion and omission.

Media Workshops

We provide media workshops based on what communities request. In April, 2010, we gave a short workshop on documentary photography at the Brooklyn Peace Fair. In May, 2011, we presented our work at the NuyoRican Poets Cafe for a RISE event called, “Arts in Action.” We spoke about the importance of primary source documentation and the urgency to create more alternative media sources in a world where most of the information we receive is controlled and disseminated by a handful of corporations with purely capitalistic intentions. In June 2011, we partnered with the Peace Poets and gave a workshop at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice, bringing attention to the national epidemic of police murder in this country to students, many of whom were considering a career in law enforcement. Currently, we are providing a 12 week workshop series of members of Picture the Homeless, in order to instill guerilla media tactics as a vehicle for their two campaigns: Housing Not Warehousing, and Civil Rights.

We have worked in partnership with esteemed organizations such as the October 22nd Coalition, Urban Divers, the ANSWER Coalition, the Party for Socialism & Liberation, International Socialist Organization, the Coalition for Women Prisoners, Brooklyn For Peace, RISE, Funto Salud, International, Existence is Resistance, Friends of the Congo, Working Families Party, Project Reach, Haiti Cultural Exchange, docuvixen films, and Housing is a Human Right.

Media Services

We also provide the following: equipment consultation, event documentation, DJ services, live art curation, event production, music distribution, professional photography, graphic design & illustration, and sound design.

Contact Information

You can leave a comment directly on this page, or email us at:  acdmedia@ymail.com