Asian In America

Asian In America is an ongoing multimedia project focused on creating a collective narrative (via photographic portraits, written narratives, and aural history) of people of Asian descent living in America.

In these times of white-dominance in mainstream media, the narratives and histories of other peoples are too often marginalized and uncrystallized. Asian In America is a multimedia project aimed to combat this kind of media monopolization and to create space for Asians living in America to be seen and heard.

All too often, those in power rewrite others histories to maintain their dominance and
exercise their entitlement. As a result, we suffer the repercussions of racist negative stereotyping as it follows us in school, in the workplace, and in the streets. Sometimes this kind of media violence can result in lost opportunities (i.e., not getting a job), or worse yet, in hate crimes (i.e., the cases of Vincent Chin & Private Danny Chen). Asian In America is a declaration of our authorship over our own narratives and our own histories.

Currently we are looking for Asian/Pacific Islander individuals to participate. Participation means: 1) Being photographed in a studio, 2) Submitting your narrative of your experience as an Asian in America, 3) Having your voice recorded while you read your narrative (in part, or whole). There is not a word count limit to the narrative – feel free to write your experience. If your narrative is long, an excerpt will be highlighted alongside your portrait, but the whole narrative will be available in the whole of the multimedia project.

This project is based in the New York City area, however we have been receiving requests to participate from outside of NYC. Those based out of NYC who would like to participate can opt to participate by submitting a clear photo of themselves to be illustrated. We are not sure yet of how the narrative recording will work, but we’ll find a way around it.

If you are interested, please write to: or simply write a message on the page.

This is an ACD Media Studios Project.