Donate to the LEKOL Cause!

Salutations – Thank you to everyone who attended last Saturday’s event, “Lekol”, at the legendary Yippie Museum/Cafe in Manhattan: Thank you for contributing your voices, your attention, your spirit, for paying $10 to… Continue reading

Ayiti Solidarity: LEKOL

ACD Media Presents…. AYITI SOLIDARITY: LEKOL WHAT: Lekol (School in Ayisen) … Lekol is an event geared at educating people about why Haiti and Her People deserve the dignity and respect that has… Continue reading

Saturday 9.25.11 Artists’ performances at Occupy Wall Street

October 25th, 2011: That Saturday many of the Wall Street occupiers followed the example of the march from Union Square for Troy Davis two days earlier. As you may have heard directly from… Continue reading

Stories from Occupied Wall Street, September 24th 2011

Stories directly from occupied Wall Street on Saturday evening, September 24th, 2011. The word is that there was a march from Liberty & Broadway to Union Square and 96 people or so were… Continue reading

Whose streets? Our streets! NYC and Troy Davis

Video by Ayman El-Sayed of Existence is Resistance. photos by ACD Media Hello, I am writing and sharing this as I have no idea how much this story will get covered, or not.… Continue reading

Hip-Hop Lives on in Venezuela

This short video documents a hip-hop school in the large and overcrowded barrio of La Vega in the hillsides of Caracas, Venezuela. Filmed in the months of July and August in 2010, it… Continue reading

I’ve Got Peace Like a River


Day One in Port-au-Prince, July 19th, 2011

Day One in Port-au-Prince July 19th, 2011 It’s night time and I’m trying to recap the day… It’s been an eventful day here in Port-au-Prince. We are staying at Franklin’s house, where several… Continue reading

Emergency Vigil for Kathryn & Paul Shay

The October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Repression and the Criminalization of a Generation would like to share our deepest sympathies and regards for the families of the victims of Saturday night’s… Continue reading

The Story of Nicholas Naquan Heyward, Jr.

This is a visual/sound installation of the story of Nicholas Heyward, Jr., who was 13 when he was shot and killed by NYPD Officer Brian George.  His father, Nicholas Heyward, Sr., tells the… Continue reading