Introducing a New Blog & Initiative: ACD Youth Media

Introducing a new ACD blog:  ACD Youth Media.  This blog will post the work of ACD youth who are in the midst of learning the power of documentation and storytelling.  All youths involved… Continue reading

RISE: Arts in Action

Tonight at the NuyoRican Poets Cafe from 6-9PM, ACD Media will be presenting for Arts in Action, an event hosted by RISE, a grassroots collective of social workers organizing for social justice.  We… Continue reading

Elmitha Senatus: Missing Children

Elmitha Senatus, a displacement camp resident, reports on the children who went missing after the January 12th Earthquake. Please listen to her story and spread far and wide. Our grassroots efforts may help… Continue reading

3rd Anniversary of Kenny Lazo’s Police Murder, April 12th, 2011.

Brooklyn: Another Young Man Beaten to Death by the NYPD. RIP Johnathan Smith

On a cold Brooklyn day in the middle of the week, the evening was spent at a candlelight vigil for the late Johnathan Smith, who died after suffering a brutal beating by the… Continue reading

Notes from a Public School Pew.

It is Monday, 3/21/11, and I am holding back tears as my spirit writhes and squirms to the sound of the Star Spangled Banner and the innocent, eager voices of our youth filling… Continue reading

The Story of Jean Murat, Part 1 of 2.

Jean Murat is a community leader in a displacement camp named, “Turkish Camp,” in Canaan, Haiti.  Please listen to his story. (1 of 2)

Get Involved, Get Into It. — James Brown

Peace my People- As some of you may know, I am in Haiti right now for the third time in my adult life after the quake last January. This time I am part… Continue reading

Ayiti Solidarity: Dr. Maritza of Funto Salud, International.

Dr. Maritza of Funto Salud, International, shares her story of how she became involved in servicing the disenfranchised population of Haitian workers along the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Ayiti Solidarity: The Story of Evylene Dennery

Evylene Dennery, a community leader at Camp Victim Carade in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, shares her story of the January 12th Earthquake and living in a displacement camp.