The Forced Trajectory Project

The Forced Trajectory Project is a long-term multimedia project investigating the rippling effects of police murder in our communities.  Focusing on collecting images, interviews and statements from family members of the victims and those directly involved, we hope to better understand what happens on a macro scale with police brutality cases, bringing to light the relationships that exist between the institutions of police, media, and the legal system, and getting to the root of this societal ill of brutal human rights abuses.

The Forced Trajectory Project supplements the October 22nd Coalition‘s Stolen Lives Project spearheaded by the late Kathryn Lee, whose passionate long-term advocacy for families of police brutality victims has bridged family members and organizers together for years.  In honor of Kathryn, we humbly take the intention of the Stolen Lives project – to raise awareness and the consciousness of the People on a mass scale through telling these stories – and continue the intended trajectory set by her.  Kathryn Lee, PRESENTE!